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Need a new superpower? 

We'll teach you how to evoke emotion from all of your portrait subjects—even shy or reserved people. 

Want to completely transform the way you run your photoshoots? 

Are you always looking for new ways to stand out from the crowd?

Welcome to Superfeel: Creative Tools and Online Education for the Modern Connective Portrait Photographer.

Photography is not about the way people look. It’s about the way they feel.  

Feeling influences all of our most important actions. When we feel awkward, scared or closed, we will look that way. Similarly, when we ask our portrait subjects to do something fake, we will invariably get a fake response—We’re here to change that.

Get your subjects to show you the most beautiful, real pieces of themselves.

The missing piece.

In photography school they teach you "everything" you need to know about lighting, posing, composition, editing and even business (if you’re lucky)....

But the one thing that's really been missing is how to get inside of people.

Everyone has great stories but most people don’t know how to tell them. 

Spoiler alert — your clients probably aren’t booking you because they need more pictures! They’re booking you because want to experience themselves.

"Learn how to tell the stories that matter most to your clients."

—Jesh de Rox

Imagine if everyone you photographed was open, free and bursting with life… 

What if we told you they could be? 

We want to show you step-by-step how to open up even the most closed of subjects, and discover the pieces of them that normally only their closest friends and family members get to witness. 

Pssst hot tip: Your subject is actually waiting for YOU to step up and take the lead!

How To Draw Emotion from Anyone You Photograph


The Course gives you instant access to 60+ lessons and assignments, including behind the scenes videos, all designed to teach you everything you need to know to start pumping up the feels in your sessions right away. 

+ Inspiring talks by Instructor, Jesh de Rox (Photographer, Futurist, Creative Thinker & Pioneer of Prompted Emotive Portraiture)

+ Demonstrations of the Superfeel Method in action

+ Mind-blowing experiential weekly assignments 

+ Final Portfolio assignment

+ Lifetime Membership to our private Facebook Group exclusively for Superfeel Students, providing you with support, accountability & inspiration                          

Join us and learn how to draw emotion from anyone you photograph.


Learn how to fill your sessions with genuine emotion, natural expressions and authentic moments. Create photographs for your clients that will serve as living reminders of the people that matter most to them.


We want every one of your clients to become a long term one, and your personal brand ambassador! Supercharge your word of mouth marketing and powerfully expand your client base.


This fun, insightful and scientifically-backed journey will open you to new worlds of human beauty, connection and joy, all hidden in plain site, and take your ability to capture emotion to a level you may not have thought possible.

      This course is more than life changing. It's heart changing and I LOVE IT.



With content delivered weekly over 4 weeks, learn the 5 Phases of the Superfeel Photographic Method:


Learn how to open yourself to see the potential for beautiful expression hidden in your 'muse'

(Covered in Week 2)


Learn how to build trust with your muse, making it easy for them to share emotion

(Covered in Week 3)



Learn how your unique creative aesthetic can be expressed with the Superfeel Method 

(Covered in Week 3 )


Learn how to give the Superfeel prompts to your muse

(Covered in Week 4)


Learn how to capture your muse at the height of emotion

(Covered in Week 4)

Meet your guide—Jesh de Rox

Superfeel Co-founder (and your Course Instructor), Jesh de Rox, is internationally recognised as being the key pioneer of this unique photographic genre. A thought leader and internationally acclaimed photographer, Jesh pioneered the genre of prompted emotive portraiture when he created the first ever system and vocabulary for photographing humans in this authentic way.

His work has garnered more than 100 awards and been featured in publications such as Huffington Post, Elle and Vogue. From meeting presidents, to documenting the lives of refugees to traveling on world tour with rock n' roll bands, Jesh’s experiences have given him a unique insight into the human experience. 

For a very LIMITED TIME only 



We're including our full suite of 'Feel Guides' (digital PLUS print edition)

—that's 180 BONUS prompts, valued at $270!

180 of our best emotion-provoking creative games and playful interactions that tell you exactly what to say to help your portrait subjects relax, open up & shine!

These Feel Guides are our secret weapon for provoking genuine expressions, heartfelt moments and deep connections with just about anyone.

The Feel Guides 

- 6 beautifully designed, saddle-stitched A6 Handbooks 

- 180 Creative, Hilarious and Heartfelt Prompts 

- 3 guides for Couples, 2 for Families, and 1 for Solo

- Instantly download the Digital Edition to your iPhone, iPad or Android device for quick and convenient access


Once you understand that your subjects need to be in a certain state for them to be able to express feelings with their face and body, it really changes the entire way that you approach portrait photography.

Taking unforgettable pictures of people (who don't usually get pictures taken) not only offers them profound moments of connection with each other, but will exponentially increase the value they place on your work. For you it will feel like an absolute privilege to witness, increasing your own level of joy in your work.  

The tools and trainings that we've created are designed to empower photographers from around the world who care about celebrating the incredible beauty of life and human connection.



- Suggested time commitment to get maximum results from coursework & assignments: 2-4 hours per week.

- Access course content for 90 days

- Course starts upon purchase, with content dripped weekly (or email us at to defer for up to 6 months).

       So grateful for you all! I feel like a brand new photographer... and more in love with what I do and the DIFFERENCE I can make for another! Thank you! 



 $799 value, for just $347 USD 

That's probably a whole lot less than you paid for your latest lens, and yet the impact your new skills will have on your word of mouth referrals will be profoundly deeper than any gear you could throw money at! 

Includes all 6 Feel Guides (Printed Edition & Digital Edition)—Shipped FREE to your door wherever you are in the world!

We hope you will join us on this journey so profound it would be impossible to return unchanged.

"I had my assignment shoot yesterday and WOW so much fun and emotion... It was so amazing to hear afterwards how much they enjoyed this... We laughed so hard I can still feel it in my abs."


About Superfeel

Superfeel combines the visual aesthetic of portraiture with the authenticity of photo-journalism.

As the creators of Beloved/Moment Design and Show Me Your You, for over a decade we have inspired and empowered the emerging style of connective portraiture that is now sweeping the globe.

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